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Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 231-448-2505

America’s Emerald Isle in Northern Michigan.

Autumn – great fall color reflected on the water
Winter – snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing
Spring – a wonderful Island destination the year round
Summer – to see more please visit our website

Unspoiled, unhurried, unbelievable!

Most people coming to Beaver Island look forward to its abundant nature and solitude. There are also fine museums, gift shops, art galleries, the golf course and tennis courts, tours, house parties, classes at CMU, and dances and plays at the Hall.

You can travel to Beaver Island by ferry boat or aircraft from Charlevoix, Michigan.

Much of what the Island offers is free for the finding: beachcombing, bird watching, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, cross country skiing, or exploring the other islands. There are over 100 miles of scenic roads, and too many old trails to count. Shipwrecks and abandoned old cabins. Beaver dams. Landscape artifacts that go back thousands of years. The beauty of wildflowers.

The more people enjoy just getting away, the more they love Beaver Island. We want you to enjoy the hours, day, or weeks you’ve decided to spend on our unique and pristine Island paradise. Beaver is the most remote inhabited island in the Great Lakes, with a year-round population of 550 – with a large percentage of Irish descent. The residents’ isolation, independence, and respect for the nature and traditions of Beaver Island have made time slow down.

Because Beaver Island offers the quieter, more relaxed kind of vacation or retirement that many people appreciate, visitors frequently become regular vacationers, property owners, summer people, or permanent residents. We welcome you to discover and decide where Beaver Island may fit in your life.

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