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The Mackinaw Area Visitor's Bureau is a non-profit organization and as such it's decisions and operations should be made available to the public.  This blog is intended to help disseminate information and help members of the public understand matters that are before the bureau.  It is also to collect the thoughts, concerns and opinions concerning the bureau and it's decisions from the public and other members of the bureau, both on and off the board of directors so that I can take their opinions into consideration.  This is my own personal blog, it is NOT an official blog of the Mackinaw Area Vistitor's Bureau.  Opinions expressed in this blog are intended to promote public discourse and are not intended to represent the opinions of the visitor's bureau in part or collectively.

MackinawInfo is an "open source" site, which means we will list any Mackinaw Area business that asks.  If you don't see your information on the site, please email us the info and we will be happy to post it for you.

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