Carp Lake Area Information & Overview
(Including Cross Village and Levering)

Carp Lake, Cross Village and Levering are all unincorporated communities in Emmet County. Carp Lake is located on the northwest shore of Lake Paradise, Cross Village is located on a rise overlooking Lake Michigan and Levering is about 6 miles north of Pellston and 4 miles south of Carp Lake.

Carp Lake

Nearly all year round residents ignore the name change that was tried sometime in the 1960's ("Lake Paradise," not to be confused with Paradise Lake in Cass County) and still refer to the lake as "Carp Lake." The source of the Carp Lake River, the lake covers an area of 1,900 acres, primarily located within Emmet County, but has an eastern bay reaching into Cheboygan County. The Carp River, which originates here, is one of Michigan's shortest rivers, it flows just 10.5 miles to Lake Michigan.

As an inland lake, it is insulated from the strong winds and weather that small craft are much more vulnerable to on the larger nearby Great Lakes (Huron and Michigan). The lake is popular for pontoon boats, waterskiing, sailboats, sailboards, tubing and jet skis. While being quite shallow, it has enough weed cover to make angling productive. The brown tannin-stained Carp Lake waters are home to largemouth bass, northern pike, pumpkinseed sunfish, rock bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, and yellow perch. The west end of the lake has a small marina that offers public access, boating necessities and bait. Fishermen and boaters can access the lake from The Michigan Department of Natural Resources public boat ramp on the western shore.

The area around the lake is still heavily wooded and at least three preserve areas maintain that 'wild' atmosphere around the lake. Often sighted along with numerous deer are wild turkeys, sandhill cranes and the occasional badger and black bear. Hawks, golden and bald eagles swoop to snatch fish from the waters. The distinctive call of loons can be heard, as they come to the lake to mate and raise their young.

Cross Village

Cross Village, like many of the area small towns, was once a thriving center for lumber. Because of its location on the lakeshore it was also a fishing community. Cross Village is one of the oldest settlements in Michigan and today is known for its ties to the Ottawa.

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