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11160 U.S. 23 South
Ossineke, MI 49766
Phone: 989-471-5477
Toll-free: 877-471-8032
Fax: 989-471-8032

Exciting - Educational - Entertaining
10 miles south of Alpena on U.S. 23

Over 30 years in the making!
World renowned reproductions of over twenty five prehistorical birds and animals.
Featured in Life Magazine, on Television, Newspapers and in Hollywood Travelogues.


  • More than twenty-five varieties of Native Michigan trees
  • One of Michigan’s Historical Museums
  • Prehistoric man in his quest for food
  • The dinosaur family in life size, authentic reproductions
  • A Michigan Cedar Swamp in its natural state
  • "The timber that fenced the nation"
  • Visit one of Michigan’s finest historical sites
  • Bring the entire family
  • 18 hole mini "dino-golf" course
  • Gift shop, souvenirs, film, cards, soft drinks, snack bar, soft serve ice cream, ample parking

The greatest of all the flesh eating Dinosaurs, whose only worthy opponent was the tank-like Triceratops. Unable to feed himself with his small forlegs, he tore his food out with his terrible four-foot jaws.

Got his name from a combination of words meaning Iguana, Lizard and Tooth. Iguanodon was first discovered in Sussex, England in 1822; it was the first dinosaur scientifically named. The Iguanodon has historic interest in that his bones were the first to be discovered and recognized as those of a dinosaur.

Also known as Ankylosaurus was built like a tank. He lived about 90 million years ago, and was a herbivorous dinosaur whose existence came to an end at the close of the Cretaceous period. He was found in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada.

Means "covered or roofed lizard." The Stegosaurus has a double row of heavy bone plates on his back. He had a tiny head and his brain was just about the size of a walnut, only large enough to work his jaws and front legs. Back near his hips was a place in his spine 20 times larger than his brain. This was a second brain that worked his big hind legs and his tail.

Meaning "speedy predator" lived in the vast plains of the Gobi Desert of Mongolia 80 million years ago. This fast moving meat eater hunted prey in deadly packs and was made famous by the movie "Jurassic Park."

From the Greek meaning Thunder Lizard; this animal lived approximately 150 million years ago and weighed over 60,000 lbs. As big as the Brontosaurus was, its brain weighed less than a pound, and its lack of intelligence probably led to its demise.

A Herbivorous dinosaur. A land Dinosaur belonging to the group known as Ceratopsia. The Ceratopsians were the last of the dinosaurs.

A carnivorous dinosaur attacking the Corythosaurus, a swimming dinosaur. Both found in the Red Deer region of Alberta, Canada.

On the Beautiful Devil River
A 40 acre tract of land split by the tumbling waters of the Devil River is the settling for the Gardens. The swampy portion of this land was drained and became the site for the swamp dwelling Dinosaurs. The high portion of this site is covered with majestic White Pine, Norway Pine, Hemlock and most every type of timber native to Michigan.

Wild flowers, ferns and shrubs grow in abundance throughout the Gardens.

This is a photographer’s paradise. Be sure to bring your camera. We believe more pictures are taken in Dinosaur Gardens, than any other spot in Michigan.

Based on the reports of hundreds of thousands of people who have already toured the Gardens, we believe that you will thoroughly enjoy your visit.

Raptors Mini Golf Retreat
Raptors Mini Golf Retreat is an 18 hole miniature golf course with a dinosaur theme designed and constructed by Frank McCourt, owner of Dinosaur Gardens. The course utilizes the natural beauty of the area and the water of the beautiful Devil River.

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