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Phone: 906-289-4437

2009: Fast! 3 hour crossing

Including Day Trips to Isle Royale

Via the Isle Royale Queen IV

From Copper Harbor, Michigan
Gateway to Isle Royale

Isle Royale
Isle Royale is Lake Superior’s largest island and a U.S. National Park. It offers wild northern forests, rocky shorelines, beautiful harbors and coves, high ridges, deep valleys, rocky trails, outlying islands and inland lakes of great variety, and wolves and moose in a delicate balance of prey and predator.


  • 850 square-mil national park, 99% wilderness
  • No roads, cars, or even two-tracks - all travel by foot or boat
  • 45 miles long, 9 miles at the widest
  • Located 50 miles from Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, at the tip of which is Copper Harbor

Hiking and Backpacking

  • 165 miles of magnificent wilderness hiking trails
  • 36 wilderness hiking and boating campgrounds
  • Abundant wildlife and endless vistas
  • Internationally famous moose and wolf populations

Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking

  • First-rate fishing on Lake Superior bays and harbors
  • Renowned for canoeing and sea-kayaking
  • Countless harbors and coves along Superior coast
  • 20 large inland lakes of many sizes and depths, most with superb fishing

Lodging at Isle Royale
The charming Rock Harbor Lodge is the island’s only hospitality facility. Lodge features:

  • Motel-style rooms on the American Plan
  • Popular duplex cabins, called Housekeeping Cottages
  • Outstanding meals at Dining Room and Grill
  • Many activities for Lodge guests and island visitors
  • Charter fishing and water taxi services
  • Sight-seeing cruises
  • Boat and canoe rentals

Rock Harbor Lodge information and reservations: 906-337-4993 in summer, 866-644-2003 in winter.
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Detailed information on Isle Royale and Rock Harbor Lodge is available through

More people visit Yellowstone National Park in one day than visit Isle Royale all YEAR!!

Day Trips to Isle Royale National Park
Day Trip Features:

  • Isle Royale Queen IV Schedule on most sailing days; 3 hours over, 3+ hours there, 3 hours back
  • Gorgeous Rock and Tobin Harbors
  • Day hikes in the northwoods
  • Sailing the crystal waters of Lake Superior
  • Outstanding meals at the Rock Harbor Lodge Dining Room and Greenstone Grill
  • Wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Ranger-guided activities

Call for Special Discounts for Day-Trip Passengers (same day, same person travel)

Staying in Copper Harbor
Our village is a wonderful place to enjoy all or part of a vacation. It has great restaurants, dozens of shops, excellent hospitality facilities, and many superb outdoor activities. Visit for lots more information.

Ferry to Isle Royale
Serving backpackers, hikers, lodge guests, and day passengers
The Isle Royale Queen IV
From Copper Harbor, MI

Basic Passenger Information
Deposit: A full-fare deposit is required for each reservation. Most credit cards accepted
Cancellation Policy: There is no refund if canceled less than three (3) days before sailing. Cancellations received with more than 3 days notice will be sent an 85% refund. If canceling a group of 10 or more, two weeks notice is required.
Parking Charges: $5 per night for parking cars and trucks ($20 maximum), $10 per night for RV’s and motorhomes over 26’ long ($40 max), and $7 per night for cars with trailers ($28 max). Call, write, or visit for information on parking fees and procedures

  1. If you fear you may suffer from motion discomfort, your physician can prescribe TRANSDERM SCOP. Other remedies are available without prescription.
  2. Dogs and cats are not allowed on Isle Royale
  3. Boats, tanks, and gear are transported ONLY for our passengers
  4. We do not transport gasoline, which is available on the island throughout the summer. We DO transport backpacking stove fuel in well-closed, small containers (one-gallon size maximum). These containers are stowed separately.
  6. We have rarely delayed a trip due to weather. All trips are subject to safe sailing conditions
  7. WATER TAXI SERVICE: The Rock Harbor Lodge provides a water taxi. Arrangements can be made on the island or by writing to: National Park Concessions, Mammoth Cave, KY 42259 in the winter, or calling 906-337-4993 in summer
  8. Canoes and kayaks must have advance reservations and be ready for loading by 7:30 a.m. Canoes and kayaks require no registration.
  9. Boaters are advised that the new Queen IV is not equipped to carry motor boats of any size. Contact the Ranger III for boat passage

The Isle Royale Queen IV operates between Copper Harbor, Michigan and Rock Harbor on Isle Royale. Fully equipped with navigational aids and required safety gear, she is a U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified 100-foot aluminum, triple diesel engine passenger boat. In addition to warm, comfortable seating inside, passengers can walk around the deck.

If you have new or updated information about this virtual brochure, please contact us.

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