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Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours
1204 Commercial Street
Munising, Michigan 49862
Phone: 906-387-4477

Bus Tours Welcome! Handicap Accessible. Dog Kennels Available.
Open rain or shine - 7 days a week!

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Come explore the depths of Lake Superior and its sunken vessels.
A unique family experience!
View underwater shipwrecks without getting wet aboard our glass bottom boats!

Our tour boats have two large viewing wells so that all of our passengers can enjoy watching the shipwrecks through the glass. Our boats pass over the shipwrecks while the crew narrates. In addition to 19th-century shipwrecks, scenic rock formations and an historic lighthouse, passengers may spot bear cubs, coyote and other wildlife on their excursion around Munising Bay.

One of Michigan's "10 Best Summer Travel Secrets!" - Detroit News
Everyone gets a front row seat!
The Bermuda - a 150' wooden hull schooner that sank in the mid- 1880's - remarkably intact and only 12' below the surface.

Maritime History
History comes alive as you discover turn-of-the-century shipwrecks while aboard the Miss Munising and the Fireball. Preserved by Lake Superior's frigid waters, these doomed vessels lay on the bottom of the bay where they met their fates when the tempestuous lake displayed its violent power. The two-hour tour covers a distance of about ten miles and features sights both above and below the water.

Unique Experience
For years these vessels could only be seen by divers, but now, through specially designed through=the-hull glass viewing areas, all can experience the mystique of these turn-of-the-century shipwrecks. During the narrated tour you'll hear the tales of how the Bermuda, the Scow Schooner and the Herman H. Hettler met their demise in the clear waters of Lake Superior. With up to fifty feet of visibility, everyone has a view of the wreckage below.

Live, fully narrated 2-hour tour
U.S. Coast Guard-certified vessel

Come aboard! Discover the shipwrecks of the Alger Underwater Preserve through the clear waters of Lake Superior and view the rock formations of Grand Island.

One of the many beautiful rock cliffs seen on the evening cruise around Grand Island.
A Bald eagle perched high above Grand Island is one of the many wildlife creatures seen by visitors on the cruises.
The East Channel Lighthouse is a small wooden frame lighthouse on the southwest shore of Grand Island. It was constructed during the period of 1869-1870 for the purpose of guiding vessels into Munising Harbor from the east.

Evening Cruise
Join us for an enjoyable evening cruise around Grand Island on the Miss Munising, viewing the majestic rock formations of the Grand Island National Recreation Area. This 13,000 acre island features pristine wilderness, with just a few settlements, and remains as it was during the fur trading days of the Hudson Bay Company. On the trip you'll hear the history and view the towering rock cliffs that make up the island. You'll also see the famous East Channel Lighthouse as well as the North light, the highest lighthouse above sea level in North America. The evening cruise take 2-1/2 hours to complete, runs in July and August only, and is the same price as the standard shipwreck tour cruise. Please call for departure times and reservations.

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