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1581 Harbor-Petoskey Road (M-119)
Petoskey, MI 49770
Phone: 231-347-3789
Toll-free: 866-385-2026

Gijigowi - Amik Gallery at Indian Hills
The Mystery - Limited Edition Print - Signed & Numbered by the Artist - Donald Vann
The gallery at Indian Hills presents a large selection of original images and prints by internationally know Indian artists. Cherokee artist Donald Vann captures the feelings of generations of Indian people with masterful use of subtle colors and graceful lines. His creations have a mystical quality that allows us to share some of the inner facets of the Indian soul.

Traditional Art -
Indians of the woodlands have been utilizing their environment in a harmonious way since the beginning. Porcupine Quill Art and Black Ash splint baskets, made from raw materials gathered from the woodlands of the Great Lakes exemplify a truly unique indigenous art form. Traditional arts from many tribes of the Americas can be found in our gallery.

American Indian Woolen Company at Indian Hills
Woolen goods have been a prized and staple source of comfort and warmth for people throughout the world. With the arrival of the white man to the Americas came sheep. Pueblo people quickly adapted sheep for food and began weaving its wool into tapestries which are now sought after the world over. Indian Hills carries a wide selection of Zapotec rugs and hand-woven Chimayo blankets and rugs. We are also proud to present the Collection of Classic blankets, bags and accessories by Pendleton Woolen Mills. For many years, these blankets have served and continue to be a standard of value to the American Indian. In addition we carry a line of handcrafted white cedar furniture and beds, which compliment the beauty and color of these Indian designs.

Book Store at Indian Hills
Our book store has one of the largest collections of books dealing with the Indians of the Americas to be found anywhere in the Great Lakes area. Over one thousand titles are available dealing with Indian history, tradition, spirituality, Indian arts, clothing, biographical and auto-biographical books can be found at Indian Hills. We are your complete Indian book store. We also do special orders if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Indian Hills carries selected art of Indian and Inuit tribes from al lover the North American continent. Indian Hills has many one-of-a-kind items, including birchbark and black ash baskets, beadwork, traditional Indian drums, and much, much more.

Bead Market at Indian Hills
Bead Market
Our Bead Market carries over a hundred different colors of Japanese and Czech seed beads in various sizes and finishes. In addition, we have a large selection of semi-precious gemstones, dichroic and lamp-worked glass beads, Swarovski crystals, trade beads, bone beads and hairpipes, unique sterling silver beads; plus all the tools, findings and stringing supplies you will need to complete your project. A helpful and attentive staff is always on hand to answer your questions and lend assistance, so that you may create your own “individualized” pieces of jewelry. The Bead Market at Indian Hills is your complete, on-stop bead supply store.

Jewelry Store
Human adornment has always been a quest of mankind. The giving and wearing of jewelry is a singularly distinctive trait of humans. At Indian Hills, our jewelry will fulfill your every adornment need, be it for self gratification or your desire to bring happiness to others. Choose from rings, necklaces, and earrings, set with semi-precious gem stones. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select form our compete line of American Indian jewelry.

Petoskey Stones & Petoskey Stone Jewelry

Indian Hills is the largest Indian owned and operated Indian Art Gallery in the Great Lakes area.

Our gallery is located in Biidaasageing, Michigan, at the place where the sun shines toward you. An area rich in the traditions of the Anishinaabek people. Shop in the sculptured architecture of our Michigan gallery where you can wander through over 4000 square feet of Indian culture and related goods as shown on the pages of this brochure.

If you have new or updated information about this virtual brochure, please contact us.

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