Island Airways to Beaver Island

Virtual brochure and information for Island Airways to Beaver Island, one of many online travel brochures for tourist information in Charlevoix, MI. Provided by your source for Mackinaw Information and Mackinac Information.

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Virtual PDF brochure of Island Airways to Beaver Island

Toll-free: 800-524-6895

Fly to Beaver Island with Island Airways

Charlevoix Airport
111 Airport Drive
Charlevoix, MI

Welke Airport
Beaver Island, MI

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Discover Beaver Island with Island Airways

  • Kayaking
  • Hiking & Bike Trails
  • Camping
  • Scuba Diving
  • Lighthouse Tours
  • Historic Museums
  • Unique Festivals
  • Refined Shopping
  • Exquisite Dining
  • Tranquil Spa Treatments
  • Eco-friendly Excursions

Island Airways Charter Services

  • Dedicated Charter Services providing air travel throughout the United States and Canada for over 60 years
  • Offering regional and national aircraft charters for both passengers and freight
  • Local Air Tours
  • 24/7 on-call service
  • Multi-engine, Turbine & Jet aircraft availability
  • Experienced FAA certified pilots

Island Airways FBO Services

  • Full Service Line Assistance including:
    - 100 LL & Jet A Fuel Trucks
    - Baggage Handling
    - Curb-side Valet
  • Certified Maintenance and Repair Station
  • Flight planning pilot’s lounge
  • Courtesy car available with fuel purchase
  • Heated hangar rentals
  • Flight instruction
  • Aircraft management
  • Rental vehicles for both Charlevoix and Beaver Island

Island Airways now offer van rentals!
Mainland & Island vehicles available
Ask about our competitive hourly and daily rates

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