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320 Tamarack St.
Laurium, MI 49913
Phone: 906-337-2549

National Register of Historical Places
Keweenaw Heritage Site, A partner of Keweenaw National Historical Park

Copper’s Wealth Touches a Family
Copper mining on the Keweenaw Peninsula was in its hey day in 1908. With the copper came wealth and opportunity. Across the region largemansinos sprang up as a testament to copper mine owners’ success.

Thomas H. Hoatson, owner of the Calument & Arizona Mining Co. completed the largest and most opulent of these mansions in the Village of Laurium. Hoatson spared no expense in building this 13,000 sq. ft. 45 room home for himself, his wife Cornelia and their 6 children. At a time when miners made 25 cents per hour, the Hoatson family built this house for $50,000.

Lavishly Furnished
An additional $35,000 in furnishings went into this house. Silver leaf covers the ceiling in the music parlor. Embossed and gilded elephant hide covers the dining room walls as light filters through restored stained glass windows. A wall size, built-in icebox made of marble, tile and oak resides in the kitchen. Relax in front of the gilded Tiffany tile fireplace in the den where Thomas Hoatson did. A grand Triple staircase hand carved out of oak lead to the family’s nine bedrooms (some are over 500 sq. ft.) on the upper floors. The Hoatsons threw gala events in their 1300 sq.ft. ballroom located on the third floor. Even the two-sotry carriage house contained a turntable for the Hoatson’s Pearce Arrow limousine. Lavishly furnished and detailed, Laurium Manor was still a home for the Hoatson family. Visiting Laurium Manor will give you a glimpse into the early 1900’s and the affluent life enjoyed by wealthy Copper Country families.

Laurium Manor is also run as a historic mansion hotel. Overnight guests may have rooms occupied that are not open for viewing. For this reason, tours before 11 a.m. or after 5 p.m. cannot be allowed.

Self-guided Tours Daily

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