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Box 400
Mackinac Island, MI 49757
Phone: 906-847-3307

To purchase package tickets online visit

The Official City and State Park Tour
Tour season May through October. Remainder of year by appointment.
From historic Main and Market Streets, the fabulous Grand Hotel, the magical Wings of Mackinac and Arch Rock to Island Cemeteries, Fort Mackinac and many other points of interest, there is sure to be something for every island visitor to enjoy.

Fun for all ages!
Where the Horse is King!
Experience the History, Legends and Beauty of Mackinac Island

Your full narrated tour of Mackinac begins in the center of mainstreet, Mackinac Island, and offers you stops at:

  1. - Surrey Hills Museum (free admission)
    - Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory (additional admission fee).
    Enjoy a leisurely visit through the Surrey Hills museum displaying historical carriages, browse on-site gift shops and experience the magical free flight of thousands of colorful butterflies at Wings of Mackinac. Your tour will resume aboard our open, 3 horse carriage.
  2. - Arch Rock is your next stop for an approximately 5 minute viewing of this breathtaking natural beauty. Reboard your carriage to continue your tour to...
  3. - Fort Mackinac Avenue of Flags (additional admission fee).
    Spend as much time as you wish enjoying historic Fort Mackinac. As passengers depart arriving carriages, you may reboard as space is available to continue your island tour.
  4. Return to Surrey Hills Museum and board our 2 horse carriage to venture back downtown or end your tour at the Grand Hotel.
    Approximate tour time is 1.75 hours.

Explore Mackinac Island aboard a horse drawn carriage!
Wings of Mackinac - the Island's newest attraction!
Package Tickets Available for Carriage Tour and Wings of Mackinac.

Mackinac Island Carriage Tours has a rich history on Mackinac Island.

Carriagemen officially began providing tours of the Island in 1869 when the first city carriage license was issued. In 1948, the carriagemen officially established Mackinac Island Carriage Tours, Inc.

The founders of Mackinac Island Carriage Tours have had a very prominent role in making Mackinac Island Michigan's most popular tourist attraction. It was the carriagemen, led by their president, Thomas Chambers, that petitioned the Village of Mackinac Island to ban the automobile as the “horseless carriage” startled the horses. Descendants of the founding carriagemen still actively manage the company that was formed over 100 years ago.

Today, Mackinac Island Carriage Tours, Inc. is the world's largest, oldest and continually operated horse and buggy livery, with approximately 100 freight and passenger carriages put in motion by over 400 horses.

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