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801 S. Garfield Ave., #115
Traverse City, MI 49686-3429
Phone: 231-947-3345

Michigan Directory 2006
Canoeing, kayaking, rafting & tubing

The Michigan Association of Paddlesport Providers
Michigan is blessed with more paddling opportunities than any other state, and MAPP is an organization of more than 30 rental businesses, serving 23 of Michigan’s premier paddling streams. We invite you to discover the new life of Spring, the warmth of Summer, or the beautiful colors of Autumn from a canoe or kayak. Whether you are a beginner or expert paddler, Michigan has an adventure for you.

MAPP professionals care deeply about Michigan’s waters and are dedicated to preserving our rivers, preserving recreational paddling as an enjoyable, educational, and unparalleled lifesport accessible to all, and preserving the public’s right to access and paddle our rivers.

To ensure that those paddling tomorrow may enjoy Michigan’s rivers as well, MAPP members encourage you to be good stewards of the river, and treat all river users with respect:

- Secure all articles in a container tied to your canoe. Loose trash or belongings can easily become litter in the river.
- Respect the rights of private property owners, anglers and other river users. Trespassing in prohibited.
- Please help preserve and protect the river resources for future generations. Leave all wildlife and vegetation as it is.

MAPP’s Adopt-A-River Program
MAPP professionals are dedicated to protecting our valuable rivers and the unequaled experience of paddling.

Recognizing that many of Michigan’s rivers need a steward to watch over them and to provide litter clean up as necessary the Michigan Association of Paddlesport Providers has established our Adopt-A-River Program.

Accordingly, we encourage public involvement, and our mission is to assist anyone interested in organizing and conducting a river clean-up project in Michigan.

The Program is suitable for most groups, including students, scout troops, recreationists and conservationists.

Our Adopt-A-River Clean-up Coordinator will provide "how to" assistance, trash bags, paddlecraft and equipment as needed, transportation assistance and trash disposal.

For more information, contact us at 231-947-3345 or e-mail:

National River Cleanup Week
First full week of June, annually
Contact a MAPP member on your favorite river and volunteer your group to participate.

Questions and Answers to Enhance Your Experience
Each provider operates a little differently. Do your homework before your trip to have the most enjoyable experience. To choose the river and paddlesport provider that is right for you, ask the following questions.

  1. What are the provider’s recommended trips? Many first time canoeists get too ambitious and not all sections of beginner rivers are for beginners. A family with small children may enjoy a two hour trip with a picnic versus a two day camping trip.
  2. What are the transportation arrangements? Some providers shuttle prior to the trip and have your vehicle waiting at your destination. Others shuttle at the end of your trip. Understand your providers transportation procedure prior to your trip.
  3. Are reservations required? Many rivers have "sold out" status on Saturdays. Ask your providers for recommendations on the best time to go.
  4. What is the deposit/cancellation policy? Most providers require a deposit to hold each canoe and/or a security deposit. Know what is required up front and what part of your deposit will be refunded upon completion/cancellation of your trip. Many providers have a two week cancellations policy for full refund of your deposit.
  5. Are trips cancelled due to weather? Rain is not a reason to cancel a trip, weather impacting safety conditions is. If the weather is in question, call your provider prior to your trip.
  6. What clothing should be worn on a trip? Wear suitable clothing for the temperature, tennis hoses or water shoes, and keep a change of clothes in your vehicle for after the trip.
  7. What safety equipment is provided? All providers should provide safety equipment at no additional charge. Let your provider know at the time of your reservation of any special safety needs. State law requires all children ages 6 and younger wear a life jacket at all times.
  8. Are pets allowed? Most providers allow pets on the river with you. Some require leashes or restraints. Some will not provide shuttle service for pets.
  9. What are the hours of operations? Some providers are required by law to have watercraft off of the river by 6:00 p.m., others may provide evening or even moonlight trips.
  10. What is the alcohol policy? Many providers have established alcohol policies. MAPP strongly discourages the use of alcohol while paddling. It’s against the law to operate a watercraft while intoxicated.
  11. Where should car keys be kept? Leave valuables and car keys in a safe place, don’t take them on the river with you. Most providers will keep your car keys in the office if requested.
  12. What should we take with us on the trip? Pack snacks or lunch in a water tight container. Take enough beverages per person to stay hydrated. Alcoholic beverages are not recommended. Glass containers are illegal. For litter control, Styrofoam coolers are prohibited. Bring back what you took (or more) to help keep our rivers clean!

MAPP Directory
We invite you to choose a MAPP livery for a memorable paddling experience.
MAPP members strive to serve our customers above and beyond, in excellence, safety, and hospitality.
For more information concerning individual rivers please contact the MAPP livery of your choice or visit us at

Earn a Free Trip!
Paddler’s Passport - Your reward for exploring Michigan’s rivers.

The Michigan Association of Paddlesport Providers encourages you to use our Passport Program. The "Passport to Paradise" is available through MAPP members only.

Obtain your passport card take a canoe, kayak or raft trip with the MAPP member of your choice and get your card stamped.

Collect four stamps from a minimum of two (2) MAPP members.

Your next trip is on us, FREE!

Collect one stamp for each canoe, kayak or raft trip within a two year period.

To redeem your free trip, contact the participating MAPP member of your choice.

Whether you choose to explore all five regions, or take your favorite trip again and again, the Paddler’s Passport is your reward for "taking the scenic route."

If you have new or updated information about this virtual brochure, please contact us.

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