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Virtual brochure and information for Michigan History Magazine, one of many online travel brochures for tourist information in the State of Michigan. Provided by your source for Mackinaw Information and Mackinac Information.

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Discover the U.P. with Michigan History magazine

Michigan History takes you to the people and places of the Upper Peninsula

Isle Royale - Appreciate the natural beauty of a national park whose cultural history can be traced back 4,000 years.

Calumet - Walk the streets that Annie Clemenc strode during the tragic 1913-14 copper strike.

Negaunee - Recall Michigan’s worst mining disaster while visiting the Michigan Iron Industry Museum, where the nation’s iron industry stories are told in pictures and artifacts.

Marquette - See the Marquette County Courthouse where Theodore Roosevelt sued an Ishpeming editor for libel.

Whitefish Point - Remember Michigan’s most famous shipwreck, the Edmund Fitzgerald, when visiting the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.

Laurium - Visit the hometown of "The Gipper," the man most responsible for building Notre Dame’s football tradition.

Iron Mountain - Appreicate how Tom Izzo’s hard-knocks story to basketball fame began in this city.

Ishpeming - Learn about author John Voelker and how his best seller, Anatomy of a Murder, became a blockbuster movie starring Jimmy Stewart.

Fayette - Discover a late-19th-century industrial complex whose snug harbor, white cliffs and lush forests make it one of the state’s most stunning cities.

Mackinac Island - Explore an island that one famed visitor described as "the wildest and tenderest piece of beauty" she had ever seen on Earth.

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The ONLY thing better than being there...
Michigan History magazine provides the history behind some of your favorite travel destinations. Better than any travel guide, Michigan History goes beyond the site and explores the human element of the state’s rich past. And unlike a vacation, you can enjoy Michigan History all year long.

"I have learned so much from you magazine."

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