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Virtual brochure and information for Peninsula Shores Gallery, one of many online travel brochures for tourist information in Gould City, MI. Provided by your source for Mackinaw Information and Mackinac Information.

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Virtual PDF brochure of Peninsula Shores Gallery

P.O. Box 23
Gould City, MI 49838
Phone: 906-477-6303

You really haven’t seen the U.P. until you’ve visited the Peninsula Shores Gallery
The mystical midnight thunderbird at the rainbow place

Michigan - Land of Rainbows
Wildlife & Scenic Photo-Art
New at the Gallery - A complete line of greeting cards featuring Jim’s Pictures.

Have you ever seen both ends of a rainbow? If you haven’t, then you should know the place to go. Both ends of the rainbow can be seen at the Peninsula Shores Gallery, located approximately 55 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge on US 2, in Gould City. The Gallery also features the Great Blue Heron, deer, coyotes, bobcats, owls, bear, most other species of Upper Peninsula wildlife and a very large collection of Upper Michigan scenics. Jim O’Neil has photographed wildlife in the natural WILD habitat for more than 30 years along with the beautiful scenics, he has produced one of the largest displays in the Upper Peninsula. Viewing the photo-art at Peninsula Shores Gallery is a unique experience you should not miss.

Open weekday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
June 1st thru October 15th
Hours vary
We ship with care - anywhere

Created by Mother Nature and captured by Jim

Beautiful Photo Scenics including:

  •  Lightning - “Raid in the Night”
  • Rainbow - “Arc of Serenity”

Wildlife captured in their natural surroundings:

  • The Pileated Woodpecker - “The Sunrise Charmer”
  • The Snowy Owl - “White Fury”
  • The Raccoon - “Trust Me”
  • The Snowshoe Hares - “Love Can Be Wild”
  • The Red Squirrel - “I Spy”
  • The Weasel - “Snowy Shadow”
  • The Whitetail Fawn - “Little Wonder”
  • The Wood Ducks - “Lover’s Limb”
  • The Cub Bear - “Little Black Spirit”
  • The Screech Owl - “Eye Witness”
  • The Great Blue Heron - “Moonlight Magic”
  • Deer - “Head Wind Rut”

Plus: Loons - Ducks - Grouse - and more beautiful scenics

Jim’s talent of transferring the visual beauty and uniqueness of this area to striking photographs, wherever you display them, will prompt fond memories of your visit to Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.

Peninsula Shores Gallery is easy to find.

First time ever captured on film "The Midnight Thunderbird" sculptured by The Midnight Lightning, over beautiful Lake Michigan.

See this great sacred legendary design known by Indian people for thousands of years.

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