Seul Choix Point Lighthouse

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Gulliver Historical Society
672 N West Gulliver Lake Road
Gulliver, MI 49840-9032
Phone: 906-283-3183

Museum hours and Tower Tours
Memorial Day through mid-October
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Seven days a week
Off season hour may vary
Private group tours upon request

$3.00 admission fee

Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans and French fur traders traveled in canoes across the rough waters of Lake Michigan. On one occasion, a group of French sailors were caught in a terrifying storm which forced them to seek shelter. They landed on the rocky shore of a harbor and found refuge in the bay while waiting out the storm. Before leaving, they named the harbor Seul Choix, (pronounced Sis-Shwa) which translates to "Only Choice."

The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse has represented peacefulness and a place of refuge during the changing times. The Native Americans and fur traders sought safety in the harbor while fishermen and loggers depended on its resources for their livelihood. Sailors relied on the peace of mind brought by the light and fog signal. Today, the fishing and shipping industries need the light as a navigational aid. The lighthouse - still fully operational - symbolized the roots of many area families. Through the renovation and preservation of the Point, the value of history will be shared with all those who visit the memorable Seul Choix Point.

Make a visit to Seul Choix Point Lighthouse your "Only Choice"

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Help continue Historic Preservation -
Adopt a Brick, $35 and adopt a Step, $1,000 and have your name permanently engraved on a brass plate displayed in the lighthouse. Memorials accepted.

The Gulliver Historical Society is a non-profit organization. Annual dues are $10.00; lifetime $50.00. All donations are tax deductible.

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