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119 Water Street
Alpena, MI 49707
Phone: 989-356-2999
Toll-free: 888-766-2999 (MI)

div The Work Station, Inc.

Employment and staffing contractors
Part-Time - Full-Time - Temporary - Permanent - Temp-to-Buy

Locally owned serving Northeast Michigan since 1987

Screened and qualified workers
When you need qualified part time or full time temporary or permanent workers for:
- Clerical
- Data Entry
- Technical
- Light Industry
- Retail
- Management
- Sales

Tell us what you need, let Star Staffing send you an employee with the experience and skills to fit YOUR job needs.

When you need workers for:
- Special Projects
- Peak Load
- Vacation Replacements
- Leaves of Absence
- New Positions
- Sudden Openings
- Flexible Work Schedules
- Growth

Communication-Honesty-Integrity. Our goal is to perfectly match the employee with your company’s specific needs - our reputation depends on it.

At Star Staffing, we routinely ask our client companies to rate the worker(s) we assign. This provides an added assurance that the employee we send is not just qualified - they are performance rated by our customers.

Customer Statements
- It couldn’t get any easier to find good, qualified personnel! Star Staffing makes filling our temporary positions hassle-free with their research and background verifications. - Georgene Hildebrand, Thunder Bay Mfg Co.

- There is no second guessing with Star Staffing’s Temp-to-Buy program. Their "rent-to-own" option has a built in safety net. - Lois A. Gibbs, Allstate Insurance

- Star Staffing meets our employee needs perfectly. I will surely continue to use their services! -Carl Leveille, Sears-Alpena

- Our growth and success depends on reliable and qualified workers. Star Staffing has always been able to provide the workers we need, when we need them. -Marshall Anderson, Crawford Forest Prod.

Staffing Options
A Star Employee - Each of our applicants completes a thorough registration process and background credentials are verified. As employer of record, Star Staffing maintains workers compensation coverage, general liability insurance and a blanket fidelity bond on every Star we place. We make all required tax deductions and file year-end W-2’s.

Temporary Staffing - The Bureau of Labor Statistics says 96% of American companies use some type of temporary help and more than one million temps go to work each day.
*Ask about our Temp Guarantee

Permanent Staffing - The actual cost of hiring a new employee can be staggering. At Star Staffing, we do the labor-intensive legwork of finding the perfect candidate for your company.

If you have new or updated information about this virtual brochure, please contact us.

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