The Dawg Haus Bed 'n Biscuit

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12401 County Road 408
Newberry, MI 49868
Phone: 906-293-1437

Boarding - Training - Daycare - Playtime - In-Home Care

Country setting - outdoor walks and play - climate controlled environment - doggy playground

Boarding - Super Saver Packages
#1 Royal Treatment Package
Playgroup - or - Playtimes (3)
Energy Blast
Brush & Scritch & Foot Massage
Chewy treat & bottled water

#2 Pampered Guest package
Playgroup - or - Playtimes (3)
Chewy treat & bottled water

#3 Cozy Comforts Package
Playtime - or - Energy Blast
Chewy treat & bottled water

#4 Soggy Bottom Buds Package
Soggy Bottom Splash
Brush & Scritch
Chewy treat & bottled water

#5 Cherished Kitty Package
Under the Sea Special
Milk & Cookies

Multiple Pet Discounts -
Compatible pets, from same home, may board together at owner’s request. Multiple pets, from the same home boarding in same suite, receive $5.00/day off standard boarding rate for each additional pet.

In-Home Care -
Prefer your pet to stay at home? In-home Care (1 hour stay) is available.

Provisions for you pet -
We provide soft, comfy bedding. We feed Canidae and Felidae pet food. Bring toys and treats from home or purchase from our shop. No stuffed toys from home, please.

Special Handling -
Flea removal - If fleas are present, you will be charged for flea removal and fogging of facility

Required Vaccinations -
All pets must be on Flea & Heartworm Preventative
Vet certificate must be provided for:
Dogs: DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetell
Cats: FVRCP, Rabies

Activities & Amenities
Playgroup - An hour of supervised play with other compatible boarders
Playtime - 20 minutes of supervised playtime alone
Soggy Bottom Splash - 15 minutes of supervised play in the pool
Energy Blast - 15 minutes of intense play to work off excess energy - great for puppies & younger dogs
Walk & Explore - 30 minute supervised walk along a country road or in the woods alone or in a group of 3 to 5 dogs - great for older, sedate dogs
Crunchy treat - Milkbone or similar treat - twice a day
Chewy treat - Greenies or similar treat - once a day
Bottled water - Some pets have trouble when their food or water are changed. You can bring water from home if your pet does.
Brush & Scritch - Your pet will receive a full body "scritch" (scratch & finger comb) followed by brushing to relax and remove loose hair.
Nails & Ears - Trim nails and clean ears - once per stay. Extra charge will apply for dirty ears or ear mites - does not include medication.
Foot massage - Relaxing foot massage and pad moisturizing
Full massage - Relaxing massage, including feet, ears & gums as allowed

Kitties Only!
Milk & cookies - Small amount of cream with a crunchy treat
Under the Sea Special - Tuna or Salmon treat

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