Thomas Kinkade Gaslight Gallery

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204 Howard Street
Petoskey, MI 49770
Phone: 231-487-0422

Painter of Light

Clocktower Cottage
Moonlight Cottage
Streams of Living Water
Rock of Salvation

Limited Edition Studio Works - Available in limited edition reproductions on hand retouched canvas and paper. These limited editions capture the vibrant color and incredible use of light from the originals.

"I try to create paintings that are windows for the imagination... I paint to create silent and enduring messengers of hope, joy and beauty, day in and day out." - Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade is America’s most collected living artist, a painter-communicator whose tranquil, light infused paintings delight millions each year. In the tradition of the 19th century American Luminists, he uses light to create romantic worlds that invite us in and evoke a sense of peace. Thomas Kinkade’s paintings affirm the basic values of family and home, faith in God, and the luminous beauty of nature.

A loving husband and doting father to their four little girls, Thomas Kinkade hides the letter "N" in his paintings to pay tribute to his wife, Nanette, and his daughters find their names and images in many of his paintings. In addition to being a very talented luminist painter, Thom is an exceptional impressionistic painter with a very beautiful Plein Air Collection.

Please visit our gallery today to see the entire beautiful collection of Thomas Kinkade’s artwork.

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