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Village of Alanson and surrounding area

Hello and Welcome to the Village of Alanson
We pronounce it Ah-lan-son and when asked where Alanson is located, we like to joke that it is situated between Ponshwaing and Brutus. It’s easy to find - by car it is at the intersection of US 31 and M-68; by boat it is reached by the way of Crooked River, part of the famous Inland Waterway.

Our Village, like so many of its neighbors in northern Michigan, got its start during the lumbering days in the latter part of the 1800’s. There were saw mills and specialty mills that made products from the abundant wood and kept Alanson’s economy humming. The location on the Crooked River played a vital part in moving the logs to the mills for processing. As the lumbering industry waned, a new one was born - tourism - which remains a vital part of today’s economy. We provide easy access for winter sports, and the Crooked River invites boaters and fishermen to enjoy the 40 mile stretch of the rivers and lakes that comprise the Inland Waterway.

Whether you come by car or boat, you’ll find the compactness of the Village of Alanson appealing. As easy stroll brings you to the beautiful Hillside Garden and the shops and restaurants along US 31. Don’t miss a visit to the Inland Water Route Historical Society’s Museum and Gift Shop on River Street. You’ll enjoy the photos and artifacts commemorating the history of the communities along the Water Route.

We hope to see you soon in the Village of Alanson!

Richard, Weidenhammer,
President, Village of Alanson

Photography by Pennie Reid, Rachel S. Reid and Douglas Houseworth.

Special Events
- Hillside Garden Planting
- Hillside Garden Perennial Plant Sale
- Alanson Fire Department Car Show
- Crooked River Carol Sing
- Fire Department’s Pictures with Santa
- Inland Water Route Historical Society Museum
- Alanson Riverfest
- 4th of July Parade
- Top o’Michigan Boat Marathon Races
- Alanson Library Book Sale

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