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36618 Lost Lake Rd
Paradise, MI 49768
Phone: 906-492-3213
Fax: 906-492-3260

Not your ordinary trail ride!

Guided horseback rides on wilderness trails.

Family owned, operated and hosted by Julie and Ed.

Riding Schedule

  • Open Year Round, Weather Permitting
  • Memorial Day to Labor Day: Open 7 Days a Week
  • June: Open 5 days per week, closed Mondays and Tuesdays
  • July & August: May close early due to heat, please call ahead
  • September & October: Open 5 days per week, 11am to 4pm, closed Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Make an appointment by reservation or drive in to see if we have horses available.
  • Winter Rides By Appointment Only

Riding age -

  • 9 Years Old and Up, No Exceptions
  • Your ride will be led by a courteous guide through beautiful wooded trails
  • 225 Pound Weight Limit
  • No Double Riding Allowed

Enjoy wild life up close. The Wildridge Riding Stable rides along natural animal trails. See active beaver ponds, all sorts of wild birds and occasional otter or otter tracks. A chance to see moose and deer in their natural environment.

For You Safety

  1. Always use caution when around horses. Horses may be frightened by loud noises or fast movement and react in unexpected ways.
  2. Never stand directly in front or behind horses.
  3. Don't feed horses - they might mistake fingers for food
  4. Wear shoes or boots with heels to prevent from slipping through the stirrups. Keep heel lower than toe. (No bare feet, no sandals, and no flip flops)
  5. Do not mount or dismount without a guide's assistance.
  6. No carry-on articles such as purses or cameras. No articles tied to the body, hanging from shoulder or neck. These can become entangled in riding equipment.
  7. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed near the horses.
  8. Be completely honest about your riding experience so the guide can choose a horse that suits your ability.
  9. When making reservations, please notify us if anyone in your group has mental or physical disabilities, or any special needs.
  10. Keep space between horses. Any horse may kick when crowded.

We offer scenic walks & trot rides
No running or racing

- 34 to 40 years riding/owning experience
- State licensed facility
- Beautiful wooded trails
- Well-cared-for horses and quality equipment
- Helmets available
- Early morning and late evenings by appointment
- Fabulous Fall Color Rides
- Wonderful Winter Rides
MDOT Commodity # 8015-0746

Coming Soon!!
Bring your own horse for a guided tour
Horse camping with corrals
Campsites and cabins

Paradise Area also offers:
- Canoeing
- Camping
- Fishing
- Dive Charters
- Shipwreck Museum
- Swimming
- Hiking
- Bird Watching
- Sight Seeing
- Lodging
- Snowshoeing
- Snowmobiling
- Cranberry farm tours
- Historical Light Houses
- And much more!

If you have new or updated information about this virtual brochure, please contact us.

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