Mackinac Island Attractions

Mackinac Island's local attractions include the the Biddle House, Butterfly House, Caddywampus, Fort Mackinac, the Grand Hotel & Luncheon, the Indian Dormitory, the Mackinac Art Museum, Mackinac Island Carriage Tours, Mackinac Island State Park, Mackinac State Historic Parks, the McGulpin Point Lighthouse, the Matthew Geary House, Mission Church, Mission House, Round Island Lighthouse, Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry, The Haunted Theatre, Wings of Mackinac and many, many more!

It is a shame that 98% of visitors to the island never leave the small downtown/harbor area. They miss the beautiful natural curiosities like Arch Rock and Sugar Loaf as well as the historic battlefields, Skull Cave and the newly reconstructed Fort Holmes at the top of the Island. Although the downtown is enjoyable with many shopping opportunities, saloons and great restaurants, the island has much, much more to offer. We recommend first time visitors take a carriage tour to get a feeling for the full range of sightseeing opportunities and locations.

Consider Mackinac Island as a vacation destination or stopping point for the many world-class attractions located here. You will find no shortage of wonderful and memorable things to do with so many activities and adventures that Mackinac Island has to offer! Mackinac Island has a score of family friendly attractions, which has earned it the distinction of one of Northern Michigan's top tourist destinations.

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Mackinac Island Attractions Include:

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